Patient Care from Hospice of Santa Barbara

Hospice of Santa Barbara pic Hospice of Santa Barbara (HSB) provides several types of care to patients approaching the end of life. In addition to offering care management and palliative care, it provides community education and information via referral services, a lending library, consultations, and more.

Care management from HSB helps with everything from making decisions to finding the best services for a patient. Volunteers and licensed staff from the organization offer emotional, spiritual, and social support, and a care manager can help patients and their families access a variety of services, including crisis intervention, in-home evaluations, pet therapy, and benefits assistance. HSB also offers a palliative care consultation service, in which hospice staff and a visiting nurse focus on symptom and pain management, keeping in mind that pain can have a serious impact on the progression of a medical condition.

Finally, HSB serves the wider community by providing information about loss and bereavement. The broader culture often shies away from such topics, but through education for groups ranging from caregivers and health care professionals to schools and the community, HSB seeks to provide the information that people need to face the challenge of dealing with loss.


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