Conservation Efforts at the Santa Barbara Zoo

Santa Barbara Zoo pic The Santa Barbara Zoo remains actively involved with a number of conservation efforts that focus on protecting California wildlife and their habitats. In particular, Santa Barbara Zoo conservationists regularly contribute to efforts to bring California condors back from the brink of extinction. This project involves providing veterinary care to wild chicks, intensively monitoring wild condor nests, and restoring environments by removing man-made hazards.

The zoo also participates in the initiative to save the California Channel Island fox. Nearly 10 years ago, these foxes faced extinction. Today, the species has recovered well on six of the eight Channel Islands. Zoo officials bred the foxes on the mainland to learn more about them and continue to offer monitoring services and veterinary support on the islands.

Another project that the zoo supports involves protection of local amphibians. About a third of all amphibians are threatened by extinction, and many of these species live in California. Zoo officials participate in FrogWatch USA and conduct valuable research in Los Padres National Forest. Among the zoo’s primary concerns is the red-legged frog, which it has worked to protect from invasive species.


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