Financial Aid Advising at Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara connects local students to a range of scholarships and other opportunities for financial aid. Last year, the organization worked with more than 37,600 students and their families in Santa Barbara County to provide financial aid advising services. The foundation offers these services on both an individual and group basis and provides guidance in Spanish as well as English.

Students and parents can speak one-on-one with representatives from the foundation to learn about the grants and scholarships available according to their particular circumstances. During these sessions, students can also gain a better understanding of the federal and state financial aid resources available.

In addition to personalized services, representatives of the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara travel to schools, businesses, and other organizations in the county to field questions from students and parents in a group setting. These conversations provide families with access to the general information needed to do additional research on their own, as well as answers to questions about financial planning in the years before a student enters college.

Learn more about scheduling an appointment or finding a group session on the foundation’s website,


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