The HomeGrown Exhibit at Rancho La Patera and Stow House

Rancho La Patera and Stow House pic Endeavoring to teach individuals about the rich history of California’s Goleta Valley, Rancho La Patera & Stow House, a preserved 19th-century ranch, offers various on-site and community exhibits throughout the year. Currently, visitors can view the HomeGrown exhibit, on display until January 2016. The exhibit examines and celebrates the immense impact of 4-H on the Goleta Valley.

A youth development program that grew out of the Land Grant University System’s Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H has empowered millions of young people. Not only has the local 4-H club revolutionized the ways in which Goleta Valley residents grow fruits and vegetables and tend to livestock, but it has also extended its reach to home economics and even fashion design.

HomeGrown features various photographs, projects, and pieces of art related to the local 4-H legacy, with a special emphasis on the particular 4-H leaders and youth members who have made a major impact since the program’s inception in 1925. The Goleta Valley Historical Society, which maintains the exhibit, has given the club its “Pioneer Recognition.”

HomeGrown is made possible with support from the Williams-Corbett Foundation, the Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation, and Robin and Reid Cederlof.


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