Getting Involved with Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition’s Committees

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition’s Committees pic The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition largely operates through the dedication of many committee members who donate their time to the organization. As the coalition grew, too much responsibility for decision-making began to fall on the group’s board of directors, so the committee system was put into effect in 2009. Today, a large number of committees focused on different aspects of operation keep the organization growing steadily while providing excellent services to the community. Almost all of these committees are open to anyone who wishes to participate.

The Bici Centro Shop is run by a committee consisting of volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders. These individuals keep the bicycle recycling program operational while managing the shop and the education center. The education committee manages critical relationships with partners and coordinates educational opportunities for adults and children. The financial committee oversees budgeting and fundraising. Other committees organize coalition events, handle communication with members, and ensure that outreach efforts extend to Spanish-speaking populations.

The coalition’s committee structure also includes the board of directors and its subgroup, the executive committee. While the executive committee is not open to the public, individuals are invited to speak before the group about various topics so that the committee makes well-informed decisions.


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