Spanish Language Coursework at Marymount of Santa Barbara

Marymount-LogoMarymount of Santa Barbara endeavors to set students up for continued success throughout their lives. Recognizing the deep Spanish heritage that exists in Santa Barbara, the school strives to lay the foundation for fluency in the Spanish language by the time students graduate.

Marymount students begin studying Spanish in the lower-school program, which introduces young minds to Spanish culture through a number of themed units and hands-on activities focused on basic vocabulary and grammar. Teachers engage students with art projects, dances, games, and stories to teach them a great deal of vocabulary outside of traditional studying.

As elementary school students, Marymount youth begin developing formal writing, speaking, and listening skills through lessons enriched with nontraditional media, like magazines and menus. Teachers also take advantage of interesting pedagogical approaches, like the total physical response method. By middle school, language study becomes more rigorous and intense through the introduction of formal grammar lessons and exposure to Spanish literature. Before graduation, students demonstrate a mastery of complicated sentence structures and fluency in Spanish culture as well as language.