The Progressive Horticultural Philosophy of Lotusland

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Gardening Responsibility

In recent decades, science has shown how destructive the use of fungicides, pesticides, and inorganic fertilizers can be. These products ruin fragile soil ecosystems and cause harm to both people and animals while polluting nearby water sources. Recognizing the importance of gardening responsibly, the conservationists at Ganna Walska Lotusland have adopted alternative solutions to pest control and fertilization.


Lotusland uses only certified organic products and opts for the least harmful routes to garden maintenance. The organization’s staff continues to expand its knowledge of fertilization and responsible pest control and incorporates new options as they become available. At present, the site engages in recycling and composting, as well as natural treatment of soil-borne disease. To control pests, the staff plants species that attract beneficial insects.


To encourage the adoption of responsible gardening techniques in the wider Santa Barbara community, Lotusland has held several workshops for both professional and home gardeners. Individuals can also access information about best practices at