Santa Barbara Bike Coalition Advocacy – Connecting Our Community

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The Santa Barbara Bike Coalition (SB Bike) supports and advocates for bicycle riders throughout Santa Barbara County, promoting cycling as a safe and efficient form of transportation and recreation. In addition to operating Bici Centro, a community education center and self-service bike repair shop, SB Bike pursues a number of initiatives aimed at promoting bicycling across the county.

One such initiative is Connecting Our Community. Established in response to a significant increase in bicycle ridership in Santa Barbara’s South Coast region, Connecting Our Community addresses the fact that bicycling infrastructure has fallen behind this growth. It seeks to remedy public concern over unsafe roads and intersections, which many Santa Barbara residents cite as deterrents to bike transportation, by advocating for local improvements to facilitate safe cycling.

Connecting Our Community uses an interactive bike map to solicit community feedback on the most pressing infrastructural needs for cyclists. It then works to generate public and political support for protected bikeways throughout Santa Barbara County. By 2040, Connecting Our Community hopes to have made it possible for residents to complete 40 percent of all trips via bicycle, establishing Santa Barbara as the bicycling capital of America.