What to do in Santa Barbara in 48 hours?

Traveling is what people prefer to do in step of saving money. This is a wave young people “invented” when hostels and backpackers started to be famous. Some years ago, for traveling you needed an agency and you usually stay in the same place with all commodities you can have. But spending a couple of days in a different city is described by some travelers as an adventure because you don’t get use to anything an every day you will within a different context, different weather, eating different food and experiencing different cultures. For this reason, before any travel you need to be sure where places and what activities you want to do in the places you are going to be. You need to save time and money off course!

Santa Barbara is a tourist destination located at the south of california and also renowned for its weather and Spanish architecture. Its beautiful beaches, amazing and contrastive buildings made Santa Barbara a great choice for your next trip. Here there is a list of the main places you have to visit if you are going to spend there only a couple of days.

  1.  Santa Barbara County Courthouse:
    This Spanish Colonial Revival building is mandatory to visit. The clock tower “El Mirador” is located at 85 ft and it offers an excellent view. You can see from north to south and from east to west of Santa Barbara. Besides its beautiful walls, you can sit on the meadows and have a good time. Maybe with some luck, you can enjoy a concert since the gardens are also used for this purpose. Entrance is free so there is no excuse for you not to go.

  2. Old Mission Santa Barbara:
    This building is the only mission with two towers and it’s a must in Santa Barbara. You can learn about Spanish missionaries who arrived there in the XVIII century. The construction has suffered some modifications after the earthquake in 1925. The visit will take you around one hour and even if it is not free-charge, the guide visit worths, for sure you will learn a lot about its history. In case you don’t want to pay, you can visit from outside and appreciate the gardens and the external architecture. It opens every day.

    Santa Barbara Mission_kenny slaught
    Image courtesy of Damian Gadal at Flickr.com
  3. Casa del Herrero or Steedman State:
    Despite this place is not located in Santa Barbara but in Montecito, near to Santa Barbara, you should visit it. Actually it is listed on the
    National Register of Historic Places. This house museum is garden by the non-profit Casa del Herrero Foundation. This is a Spanish Colonial Revival building too and the visit will take you around one and a half hours. Furthermore, this place keeps objects the previous owners had, decoration includes objects from Europe and Africa. Reservations by calling only and they open from Tuesday to Saturday.

  4. Moreton Bay Fig Tree:
    This is believed the largest
    Ficus Macrophylia (its scientific name) in the United States. Even if you go to Santa Barbara you might think this tree does not belong to Santa Barbara’s history but, this tree has a beautiful story and due to  both, story and size, it was officially designated as historic landmark in 1970. This visit won’t take you more than half an hour and you can take great photos with no-charges! This is a great photo-stop while in Santa Barbara.

  5. El Presidio State Historic Park: Its rival in complexity and beauty is the Mission. This building suffered the consequences of the earthquake too and it was rebuilt in the original foundations. This is the last of four Spanish military fortresses and its chapel was the first in the town, used as the Mission for christianizing native people. It opens daily and donation is required. This visit will not take you more than one hour and you can do an auto-guidance or ask for the guide service.

  6. The Botanic Garden: This visit will involve you within nature.  This is a treasure hidden in Santa Barbara, much better if you visit it on spring. This is a legacy mission padres gave to the town. They open daily but schedule varies according to the season.

  7. The Waterfront: Finally, you can enjoy of the beaches located in the coastline. This place has amazing landscapes and is also ideal for having lunch or dinner. There are a lot of kind of restaurants and shops. Prices are in all ranges and sunset is better from there. You can also enjoy a bike tour and appreciate the beautiful view Waterfront has.

    Santa Barbara Beach at Dusk_Santa Barbara famous buildings and Landmarks_kenny slaught
    Image courtesy of Jerry Raia at Flickr.com



Although a couple of days is too short for meeting Santa Barbara, this landmarks will make your trip as an unbelievable and unforgettable as you could never imagine.    



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