If you visit Santa Barbara, go beyond and enjoying nature

When in Santa Barbara, people have a lot of choices to make their trip more wonderful than expected. There is a variety of activities Santa Barbara offers to its tourists, even if those plans are designed for different kind of public. First, there is the mandatory places you have to visit, where the Spanish Colonial architecture shines and stays as one of the most historical unique places one must visit at least once. Furthermore, there are also some attractive places nature lovers describe as wonderful and amazing ones. This is what makes Santa Barbara so especial for tourists, there are a lot of different kind of activities you can do staying in the same place. In other words, you have both, history and nature at the same place. This site is significant mixed natural and cultural heritage.  Here below there is a list with outdoors activities you can do in Santa Barbara.

  • Santa Barbara safaris: When you listen the word Safari it is probably you immediately think about Africa. Usually, safaris are linked to Africa because this continent has the largest jungles and forest in the world. And, despite it is true and the meaning of the word makes reference to activities to see or hunt animals in Africa, now the meaning goes further. This tour is for all tourists who have done it, amazing, spectacular because of the thing they have learnt and the sunset appreciated from the mountains. This activity doesn’t have age restrictions and could be done by children, teenagers and adults as well. It means, it is a family activity or and individual activity too, all publics are accepted. Indeed, views and landscapes you will discover are quite different from what you see in the town. You go around the backcountry where you will be able to visit the Indian Caves, found some animal tracks and road over the hills. Mountains, ocean, valleys and more elevations are part of the tour. It doesn’t matter if you have non-adventure spirit, you and your family will be delighted after the safari.

  • Jesusita Trail: This trail is recommended for tourists thanks to the weather and landscapes you found there. There, you will find different kind of native plants. Besides the forest views, the ocean can be appreciated from there what will make for sure your ascendance more exciting. At the entrances there are dozens of routs that will guide you around the mountain range. And, as sooner you go there, as much you can admire and appreciate the value of nature. Plus, if you go in couple or with your family, you can picnic and have fun. At the end, there is the Inspiration Sight, at place where you can see the other islands near to Santa Barbara.


Jesusita Trail_santa barbara_california_outdoor
Image courtesy of Louise Palanker at Flickr.com
  • Santa Barbara Channel Islands: Located at the National Park of Channel Islands, this adventure is designed for people who don’t care about commodities. You can see different species of fishes, sea urchins, and hundreds of dolphins. With some luck, you will see whales in the distance. Sports such as kaya and paddle can be practiced in there. Furthermore, in the caves you will experience the magnificence of nature because this place is so calmed but you have to be careful inside there. There is one company, Channel Island Outfitters who are in charge of this tours.  They offer breakfast, lunch and the appropriate sea-suits for you.
Santa Barbara Channel Islands_california_outdoor
Image courtesy of Travis at Flickr.com



  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center: Although this is not an outdoor activity, going there with your family, especially children, or alone will be worthy if you are nature lover. You will learn a lot about sharks, starfish, and other animals. Besides, this museum has a lot of this animals and you can touch them, including the smalls sharks! On the first floor there are opened pools with animals and also a wet Lab that pulls thins from the ocean. Exhibitions vary during the year




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