Dubai Miracle Garden An Amazingly Beautiful Marvel Of Design

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden located in the district of Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The garden holds the largest collection of flowers of all colors and sizes in the entire world. It was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day of 2013 with thousands of plants that were transported there and used to give life to this large project.

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The garden exhibits more than 100 million different flowering plants spread over 70,000 square meters making it the largest natural flower garden in the world. The flowers are arranged forming sculptures and large designs like pyramids, stars, igloos, cars and hearts among others. The many forms built as well as the amazing variety of beautiful and exotic flowers catch the attention of everyone who visits.

In addition to the many sculptures, you can also see other flower arrangements that make this attraction one of the most visited all year around, like a sky full of colored umbrellas and a wall of flowers that is also considered the tallest of its kind in the whole world.

The garden is dubbed a miracle mostly due to being located in the middle of the desert in Dubai, one of the driest and hottest places on earth. In order to maintain this monument to modern architecture and design, the garden was outfitted with subterranean drip irrigation system that helps water and fertilizers reach the roots of the plants and thus provide them with the proper nutrients to keep them healthy. The system is also designed to conserve up to 80% more water and electricity than other systems that could accomplish the same scale of irrigation.

Butterfly Park

As you are walking the grounds of the Miracle Garden, you will be able to see flowerbeds in the shape of gigantic butterflies and also see some of these beautiful insects visiting the flowers all over the place. However, if you want to see a true garden of butterflies, you must visit the museum that holds thousands of these majestic species as well as insects from all over the world. The park has nine domes designed to hold butterflies of the same color together creating an amazing arrangement of different hues that come alive. This place is considered the largest indoor butterfly garden in the world. It houses 24 species in particular that are brought in from different tropical locations.

The idea behind this type of garden is for people to see insects as living creatures and thus become aware of the beautiful process they go through in the different stages of their development. Something else for people to enjoy are the beautiful ponds located here that hold different sizes and species of Koi fish.

Dubai Miracle Garden World's Largest Flower Garden _Kenny Slaught_Architect wonders of the world
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Aromatic Garden

This area holds a large variety of medicinal and aromatic plants species coming from more than 200 different countries. This aromatic garden presents visitors with the possibility of seeing up close some of the most rare aromatic plants in the world. Here people may touch, smell and even make themselves some tea using the fine herbs the garden has to offer.

Petal Tunnels

Having the opportunity to visit the Miracle Garden and walking along its flower-filled pathways and enjoy its delicate scents can be a very comforting experience. At every corner and every place you look you can find something new and amazing like the wonderful designs or the astonishing types of flowers large and small.  

Taking a short stroll will take you to a lake where you can find seven boats filled with flowers anchored here. The boats look like they belong as they perfectly blend with the colorful surroundings. Depending on the seasons, the decoration on the boats is changed as well as that found in the many cars or bicycles and other vehicles that form part of the landscape. Something very unique of the garden, are its beautiful flower tunnels that show different sizes and designs of the magical plants living here. The tunnels are romantic and engulf you in this colorful world, perfect to enjoy with your loved one, friends or family. Make sure to stop by and take a picture among the different flowers and vines that cover these mesmerizing tunnels.

Gift Shop

The establishment offers some of the most beautiful mementos to give loved ones and friends like flower arrangements, key chains with flowers inside, flowers of different materials and in different sizes and many more. Most of the products you can find here are related to flowers and butterflies, but they are surely unique souvenirs to remember your visit to this unique place.

The Dubai Miracle Garden operates from October to April and remains closed from June to September due to high temperatures with an average of 40 °C (104 °F).

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