The best and most impressive skateparks in the world

Back in the day extreme sports athletes were seen as criminals that wanted to destroy our cities. Kenny Slaught is a big fan of these sports and admires these athletes enormously, even though their fame is not the best. They may still be a little bit of that out there, but they have evolved. Nowadays skateparks are popping in every city, even in small cities. In it has gotten to the point where it is not enough to provide the youth of the city with a local park to try tricks and new sports. Designers and architects are now having a go at these amazing constructions and including some design, flow and decoration to the creations.

Skaters at Sunset at Venice Beach Skate Park_Los Angeles CA_Kenny Slaught
Image courtesy of Chris Goldberg at

There are many types of skateparks that go from verts and mega ramps to skate plazas and practice rails. There is even a church that has been converted to the needs of these athletes.

We bring you a new topic for this post, maybe a place that you have never visited, but your children are familiar with. We give you some of the most amazing skate parks that include a bit of design and are created to tick the imagination and the comfort of many athletes. Read and enjoy.

The Standby Skate Park: Venice Beach Skate Park

Venice in California is the skateboarding, rollerblading and biking mecca. It is here where it all started for many people and the place that many athletes want to visit. This skate park is right on the beach and since it was renovated in 2009, it is state of the art construction. The flow and the ramps are unique and it has everything for everybody. It is one of the simple skateparks but is a landmark that any extreme athlete needs to visit.

Skate Sunset_Venice Beach_California_US_architecture_skateparks_Kenny Slaught
Image courtesy of Eric Demarcq at

The Architecture Buff’s Skate Park: La Iglesia Skate

Who would have thought that a church could be converted into a skate park. Well, The church of Santa Barbara, in Llanera, Spain, had that same transformation. This church was  first built in 1912 by Manuel del Busto. It was later abandoned and forgotten by everybody. Some skateboarders and rollerbladers started using this space as an indoor skate park. The brains behind the skate park is redbull and their skateboarding team that included ramps, rails, banks and many obstacles. Apart from the skatepark, there is a huge wall painting done by artist Okuda San Miguel. It is a wall full of colors that look like a rainbow and makes you feel the best you can feel while doing your sport.

The Art Historian’s Skate Park: Nike Templo Mayor Skatepark

Mexico is a thriving country. In this country, the skateboarding scene is growing at a fast pace. With the sport, the city is growing as well offering tourists and locals amazing food, restaurants and many places to travel to.  If you are around Mexico city, be sure to go to the Nike Templo Mayor Skatepark. It was all possible thanks to the sports brand and the Mexico City government. It was designed by California Skateparks with a touch of culture with Aztec-influenced motifs painted on the cement. Templo Mayor means “great temple” in Spanish. Another amazing feature of the park is that Luis Ponce created a sculpture for the park’s entrance that is about ancient Aztec figures that invite people to stay and enjoy the scene and the culture.

PAS House / Skateboard House by Francois Perrin / Air Architecture and Gil Lebon Delapointe in Malibu, California.

Ok, this one is simply amazing. Imagine you have the skate park in your house living room. Yes, just next to your table. Better yet, around your table. Even better, your table is also part of the skate park. This was the idea that  LA-based architect Francois Perrin and skateboarder and designer Gil Lebon Delapointe had. These two crazy guys wanted to create a house that was fully skateable and everything was a skatepark obstacle. They first designed it in France as a test and then took it to Malibu to the house of the pro skater.

Landscape Architect’s Skate Park: Kennesaw Skatepark

Kennesaw, Georgia, may be in the middle of nowhere, in fact, do you know where this place is? Think hard, you don’t, right? Well, it may be a remote location but the skate park is worth a visit. This amazing concrete paradise was designed by California Skate parks and it is 40,000 square feet and with as many obstacles as a skater can imagine (it is best appreciated from the sky). The park has amazing blue colors that blend in with the surroundings and make it one of the most beautiful landscape sites in the world.

Many of us have not even heard of places like this. While many of us tend to judge skaters and rollerbladers as criminals, they are already becoming recognized in the world of sport. In fact, skateboarding will be an Olympic sport for the year 2020. Not bad for an underground sport that started with very few skateparks like the above mentioned.

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