Don’t Forget to Visit the Tallest Buildings in the United Arab Emirates

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, you can’t miss these spectacular skyscrapers that transform the landscape. Although in a previous post the tallest buildings in the world were listed, which you can read more about on the Kenny Slaught WordPress Blog, since the Burj Khalifa in Dubai made the cut towering at 2,723 feet, it’s only fair to take a closer look at the UAE which sets the stage for modern architectural wonders. It is usually the most mentioned feature, where visitors are even seen in the need to make a list instead of buildings and skyscrapers rather than just mention one that stands out.

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Burj Khalifa

Also known as the Burj Dubai, it stands at 2,743 feet all the way to the tip and is occupied until 1,918 feet with 163 floors. The observation deck is at 1,823 feet and its helipad is at 16 feet. In the building, you’ll find a hotel, which has 304 rooms, and 900 apartments. There is enough space to park up to 2,957 cars. It was developed by Emaar Properties and had collaboration from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, among others. Of course, they counted with over 10 consultants in each of the essential areas to get this building off the ground including: building monitoring, façade, interiors, landscapes, vertical transportation, and lighting, just to mention a few. It was proposed in 2003 and the construction began in 2004. It finally opened its doors in 2011. It holds the top spot in the city, country, region and the world.  

Princess Tower

The Princess Tower stands at 1,358 feet up to the tip in Dubai as a residential building. It was proposed in 2005 and was finished being constructed in 2012. It has 763 apartments and is occupied up until 1,171 feet. It has 13 elevators and goes up to 101 floors, and it has 6 floors under ground. The Tameer Holding Investment is the owner and developer of the building, with Eng. Adnan Saffarini consulting on architecture, structural engineering, and design. This is the 177th tallest building in the world and the third in the Middle East. The elevators of this tower have been in the news a couple of times, with the elevator fail in 2013, where residents needed to walk up more than 90 floors to reach their apartments when all the passenger elevators broke down, and the newly founded base jumping sport.

23 Marina

This tower stands in 1,287 feet tall and is the 20th tallest building in the world. It has 88 floors and is occupied up to 1,029 feet. It’s located in the commercial section of the city and perfectly positioned near the metro station and the Emirates Golf Club. It has a stunning view of the marina and makes part of the Dubai skyline since 2012.

Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid

Its tip reaches 1,251 feet and is occupied up to 1,156 feet. With 88 floors it holds 474 apartments. Aldar Properties is the developer of the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, and as a consultant had companies like Foster + Partners, and Halvorson and Partners. It is the 24th building in the world and 6th in the Middle East. Its location put it in the perfect meeting place in the city, as part of the World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, a complex that brings together over 700,000 square feet of offices, apartments, commercial area, and a hotel. The construction was finished in 2014 continuing the long-standing tradition of skyscrapers in Dubai. It was awarded the Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa in 2015.

Elite Residence

The penthouses in Elite Residence range from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments of the 697 apartments it holds. It stands at 1,250 feet up to the tip and is occupied up to 1,032 feet or 87 feet. The building was finished in 2012. Its location in Dubai Marina offers spectacular views of the Dubai landscapes. It has tons of different amenities for the residents like billiards, a gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, among other recreational activities.

Almas Tower

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This tower is the 30th largest building in the world and the 6th in UAE. This office building is part of the Jumeirah Lake Towers Complex and was built almost exclusively to be the home of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, which explains the name: Almas Tower in Arabic is Diamond Tower. This also inspired the unique shapes of the building mirroring a diamond. It was developed by The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre with consultants like Atkins and Nakheel as the Project Manager. It was completed in 2008, with components that considered the environmental elements like the semi-transparent glass on the northern face to maximize cooling when the northern sunlight hit, or the high-performance finish applied on the south to protect against extreme heat.


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