The most amazing spas around the world

Everybody needs to relax a Little a bit and get away from it all every now and the. There are many types of vacations for many types of travelers. You can go to a mountain. You ca go to a beach. You can go backpacking in Europe or South America. You can do academic trips or sports trips.

But there is one way where you can actually get away from it all and rest, really rest and forget about everything and pamper yourself in amazing ways. We are talking about Spas.

As a proper definition of a Spa as seen in is “a place where water that has many minerals in it comes up naturally from the ground and where people go to improve their health by swimming in, bathing in, or drinking the water; a place where people go to improve their health and appearance by exercising, relaxing, etc.; a bathtub in which a pump causes hot water and air bubbles to move around your body”

If we take these definitions and look for the best spas in the world with the best architecture, we find the following places that really make it into this list.

Vinothérapie SPA Caudalie Marqués de Riscal, located in Alava, Spain.

Frank Gehry was the creator of this amazing luxurious spa. He also was the brains behind the Post–Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. After a long absence from Spain, he went back to give the country and the region this amazing fine art design. The name of the hotel is Marqués de Riscal, which is located in Avala, the traditional vineyard region from Spain that is known as the Rioja Alavesa wine region. The designer and architect used more than 30,000 square feet of titanium to make his roof design that  takes people to a magical Flamenco dance scene where the roof is the dancer´s skirt and the movement it makes when the dancer is moving. There is also a glass corridor designed by architect Yves Collet. The spa also uses wines from the region to include in their treatments and their relaxation sessions.

The Spa at the Viceroy Miami

This spa is the creation from the brains of Philippe Starck. In this spa, he used some of his most iconic pieces and approaches that define him as a designer and architect: oversize mirrors, crystal chandeliers, bright colored rooms and decorations and furniture that evoke French style houses and castles.  This spa was opened in 2008 and it features a spa and a fitness center and it can be found within the Viceroy Miami hotel in the 15th floor.  The spa features a double-height “water lounge”, pools that have many temperatures and amazing views of Biscayne Bay.

Image courtesy of Forgemind ArchiMedia at

Espace Vitalité Chenot in Morroco

Jacques Garcia is the brain behind the art. It is located in the Selman hotel, located in Marrakesh, Morocco. It is very near the Argan Golf Resort and the Oasiria water park. It combines the beauty of a hotel with amazing views of beautiful gardens and the Atlas Mountains. The designer got his inspiration from the Far East and he included screens and ceilings with holes that make light change with its shades. Jaques Garcia also used traditional   Moroccan brick to give it a local touch of style.  

The Armani SPA located in the Armani Hotel Milano

Of course, and following his slogan “a world of sophisticated beauty, the SPA that was designed by the Man himself has to be in this list. The SPA is located in his hotel in Milan, Italy. The Spa has the minimalist approach for which Armani is known and followed.  It is also very masculine in colors, as his designs are, and it really comfortable using almost 11,000-square-foot for a perch in the eighth floor and a heated pool with amazing views of the city.

Image courtesy of Mihnea Miculescu at

Verdura Golf and Spa Resort.  Flavio Albanese and Olga Polizzi

This Spa is part of the Hotelier Rocco Forte and is a relaxation paradise. The whole resort is huge with 568 acres and it was the revolution in luxury hotels in the whole Mediterranean area in Sicily’s southwest coast. The brains behind the project belong to one of the most well-known Italian architects Flavio Albanese and with the contribution of Olga Polizzi. Fabio had previously worked in Domus Magazine as an editor and Olga was the director of design at the moment and they let their minds free in 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. They combined their own minimalist approaches with amazing glass pavilions for the spa rooms and the pools that have views of the golf courses and the Caltabellotta Mountains.

From SPAs to museums, be sure to also check this post on the most beautiful museums in the world.


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