Airports around the world that have the most amazing designs

Airports could be a nightmare and an amusement park. When the flight is not delayed or there isn’t any weather problems, airports are like parks. You can find everything everywhere. But if your flight is delayed or you have to wait for more than 4 hours for your connection flight, it is hell on earth.

Everybody has had to wait at an airport. Everybody has seen endless lines to get to a counter or has had problems with their luggage having to take out some items. Yes. Airports are that and much more.

But are they beautiful? Haven’t you noticed the architecture that an airport carries? Have you stopped to think why airports are so beautiful and well-designed or why are some parts of the airport just more spectacular or comfortable than others? Well, Kenny Slaught took the time to do a little research on that topic and came up with the following list. Of course, many airports are not included here due to space and number of words, but these are some of the best in the world.

Terminal 3 at the Beijing International Airport  

This airport was opened in the year 2008, some months before the Olympics games and it served its purpose perfectly because it had no problems concerning transportation for that sporting event. The terminal is two miles long and it is considered one of the biggest buildings in the planet earth and it represents a dragon.  The brains behind the design belong to a company called Foster + Partners and they included colors in the ceiling for two reasons: first, to allow light to filter to the floors giving the terminal a more natural look; and second because with the color schemes and the light that is projected on to the floor passengers can easily locate their destinations and navigate the facility with more ease.

When people arrive to this airport, they arrive to the top floor and they feel like they are entering a huge space that represents the entrance to something even bigger which is China.

Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport in Madrid, Spain


Airports around the world that have the most amazing designs
Image courtesy of AG Gilmore at


This terminal comes from the works of Richard Rogers Partnership and it was launched in the year 2006.  With the idea of making Madrid a travelling hub for the European countries in connection with the rest of the world, the architects and designers gave the airport a modern look which also combined nature and greatness. They came up with a strange shape roof made from bamboo and included pylons full of colors which in the end represented the hills and landscape of canyons. The terminal is very easy to use because it is linear and it is half a mile long.

The TWA Terminal inside the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, New York

Airports around the world that have the most amazing designs
Image courtesy of Todd Lappin at

This terminal is amazing and was abandoned for more than a decade ago and has been sitting there without use. This terminal belongs to the architect  Eero Saarinen who built it in 1962 and included amazing cavernous and arched white ceilings with designed that evoked the 1960s style. It was defined as a lyric poem with all its curves and concrete lines and in the architect’s own words “it expresses the excitement of air travel.” It also had an amazing feature for air travelers because they had to cross a 125-foot-long tubular passageway that took people to another terminal. This Terminal is no longer in use and as we said before, it has been unused for more than 10 years. As for now, it was converted into a hotel which started to be constructed early this year.

The Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay

The new terminal for the airport was opened in the year 2009 and it was designed by Rafael Viñoly who was born in Uruguay. The terminal has the spirit of the aforementioned TWA terminal but also looks almost like the JFK’s international arrivals terminal. It is simple and functional. It is a low arch that is 1,000-foot-long and with no design or impressive approaches. The interior design is also simple. Imagine a big train station, it could be Victoria Station in London, where you arrive to a big hall where the sun enters directly and illuminates the room. There are terraces on the sides to have amazing views of the runway and where the food court is located. The architect explained that the terraces are because many families in Uruguay still go to the airport to receive relatives and friends or to say goodbye to them, so there they can sit and fade away in time and memories.

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