The most important architecture projects in Dubai

Dubai is known for being one of the richest and luxury places in the world, with a lot of constructions, hotels, resorts and other structures that make this nation a wonderful site to know and visit.

Among its most famous structures are the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab hotel, and the World Island.

The Burj Khalifa

Before 2004, the Dubai Emir Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum set an ambitious goal for this time; to build the tallest building ever constructed in human history. In 2004, the construction of this amazing structure began with the support of the most important construction companies in the world, like Otis Elevator Company, Dow Corning Corporation, AECOM and Skidmore Owings & Merrill from the United States, RWDI from Canada, VSL International from Switzerland, Samsung C&T Corporation from South Korea and Emaar and Arabtec from the United Arab Emirates.

With a maximum high of 828 meters, this incredible building has 163 levels, 58 elevators, luxury offices, residential apartments and one of the best hotels in the world. Its construction cost more than $20 billion dollars beating its predecessor, the Taipei 101 located in Taiwan.

Design and construction

Image courtesy of Thomas Bunton at

The base structure of the Burj Khalifa was inspired in the white Hymenocallis, a tropical endemic flower from India and Dubai. From the base to the 156 floor, the building is formed with concrete and from this floor until its last one, the construction is composed of steel, which gives lightness and levity.

The inside part of the Burj Khalifa combines glass, concrete, rocks, stainless steel, and other textures, giving to it a modern aspect focused on Dubai’s culture. The design was led by Nada Andric. In addition, the interiors of the Burj Khalifa have more than 1.000 artworks.

The Burj Khalifa have two parking basements, followed by 40 floors where the Armani Hotel and Residence are located. Then, it has a beautiful sky lobby for the luxury residences situated in the next 60 levels. The rest of the building is formed by corporative suites, restaurants and machines and telecommunication rooms.

The Burj Al Arab hotel

The Burj Al Arab is considered the most luxury and expensive hotel in the world. It is located over the sea on the Persian Gulf in one artificial island. Its construction started in 1994 and finished five years later costing to its promoter, the Jumeirah Group International, more than $5 billion dollars. The hotel had the participation of multiple construction companies like Dow Corning Corporation and the Otis Elevator Company from the United States, Mitsubishi from Japan, BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd. From the United Kingdom and Al Habtoor Murray and Roberts and Arabtec from the United Arab Emirates.

Image courtesy of Sam valadi at

Design and construction

The hotel has a maximum high of 321 meters and 56 levels, and its design is inspired in a sailboat. At the inside, the decoration is modern and innovative, mixing velvet, marble, and gold. Its design was the responsibility of Khuan Chew, from China.

The Burj Al Arab has 202 suites. The smallest one measures 169 m2 and its cost per night goes from $2.500 to $4.000 dollars. The biggest one (The Royal Suite) sizes more than 780 m2 and its price is $40.000 dollars per night. Furthermore, this incredible hotel has nine restaurants like the Al Muntaha or the Al Mahara, which are managed by world famous chefs.

The Burj Al Arab is considered the only seven stars hotel in the world due to its exclusivity and comfort. In addition, this structure has multiple records, like being the tallest hotel on the planet, the most expensive, the most luxurious and the hotel with the highest heliport landing track, which is located at the top of the building.

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The World Island

This artificial archipelago is one of the most exclusives and ambitious constructions in the planet, having more than 9 kilometers of the surface. The project started in 2003 and it has not been completed yet. The name of this archipelago comes from its shape, which is like a world map with 300 islands representing all the countries on the planet. Each island has sizes from 23 m2 to 84 m2.

Currently, the World Island has awesome hotel and resorts projects like the Coral resort, property of the Nakheel Group, which is the biggest project in the archipelago, acquiring more than 20 islands for its installations. Another impressive project is the OQYANA resort, getting more than 14 islands. In 2008, Salya Corporation invested more than $200 million dollars to buy various islands for a fashion hotel project. The JK Properties firm acquired six islands for the construction of a luxury resort focused mostly for European people.

Besides the resorts and hotel projects, the World Island has private and estate homes for those who want to expend time in a reserved place. There are also community places, so Dubai residents and tourists can go there to see and enjoy this astonishing project.


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