Secret Architectural Wonders of the World

Secrets exist since humans were able to determine whether or not they wanted others to have the same information they did. The entire concept of secrecy came as a tool (or weapon) to hide information from others in order to survive or look after one’s interests. It is related to all cultures in all ages and has worked as a key element in the construction of the human history.

Many secrets have led to the destruction of an empire, a dynasty or an alliance. Some other secrets have helped communities to survive, lives to be preserved and identities to be protected. In a greater scale, some secrets have led to the construction of some of the world’s greatest architectural wonders. Most of these wonders aren’t even close to being seen by the general audience and remain hidden somewhere in the world.

In this article, Kenny Slaught will talk about some of the most amazing top secret architectural wonders of all times. Whether these places were meant to hide factories or vast tunnel systems, the all had the same purpose: hide relevant information about a crucial matter that later would leave a mark on the skin of human history.

Only a few top secret architectural wonders are currently known and easy to identify by experts. The truth is that most of these facilities were kept as a secret for decades before someone discovered them. Some of these man-made buildings are listed below.

Top Secret Atomic Cities (United States)

Prior the World War II (1945) three secret cities were built by the Government of the United States to support the Manhattan Project –that would develop the atomic bombs that later destroyed two Japanese cities. At least 75,000 people lived in every single one of these small cities that were not marked on the United States map.

The truth is that those living in these secret cities were brought from different parts of the country to work with fissionable materials to produce nuclear weapons. At the moment they were chosen by the government they had to pass lie detector tests and move to the cities, which had less than 3,000 inhabitants before the project started.

There are those who believe that everything related to the Manhattan project is fading into a myth given the secrecy and incredible fact related to it. However, prove shows that the three mentioned cities actually existed and had unreliable research facilities and factories built under them. There were dynamic communities living in Los Alamos, New Mexico; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; and Hanford, Washington who were living flamboyant lives and refusing to accept other jobs in different cities. As hard as it may sound, the Manhattan project led to the construction of some of the most amazing architectural wonders of the world that were both massive and secret.

Image courtesy of Manchester City Library at

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The Secret Underground City of Burlington (England)

Built in the 1950’s, this underground city was kept as a secret for more than 50 years until it was exposed in 2004.

Built as an underground bunker to protect 4,000 central Government employees from nuclear attracts, the bunker is a mile-long building with over sixty miles of roadways inside. It has numerous kitchens, rooms, laundry facilities, a medical center with examination rooms, a bakery, a pub, and a small but valuable book collection with political information about the United Kingdom. It is connected to the outer world thanks to a communications hub from which the prime minister can address the nation in case a real attack takes place.

This architectural wonder was made in case 4,000 people needed to be protected for at least three months. Its entire structure is able to provide fresh water from an underground lake and is both bomb and poison-proof.

The entire city was kept as a secret for many years and then was abandoned in the 1980’s. Nowadays many people who live in London don’t even know the underground city exists and is connected to a secret rail line from London meant to protect the English Royal Family.

Image courtesy of Roger W at

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Underground Arras (France)

During medieval times, many tunnels were built in Europe to connect different places underground and they often served as escaping routes. Thanks to the constant threats received by the government of France during the World War I, many of these tunnels were modified and connected to new ones to create longer paths meant to protect the French population.

This architectural world wonder was built under the city of Arras in 1917 by miners from New Zealand hired by the French Government. They were kept as a secret until the allied troops decided to use them as a military advantage that allowed them to pop up at the surface where German troops didn’t expect it.

The entire tunnel system could give shelter to over 24,000 people and count with electric lights, a rail system, kitchens, serving areas and a hospital. Today, it also includes a museum and is often used as an exhibition place for artwork.


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