Kenny Slaught Notes Research Conducted With Gates Grant Money

UCSB’s Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology professor David Low, will pursue a progressive global health and development research project called “Strategy for development of enteric pathogen-specific phage”. Low’s research, notes Kenny Slaught, focuses on a new way to deal with prominent bacterial pathogens that are becoming resistant to many powerful antibiotics. Low will engineer phage to selectively target and wipe out several pathogenic bacteria to eliminate enteric diseases in newborns. They will engineer multiple versions of the T2 lytic bacteriophage that connect multiple different regions of the BamA protein located on the surface of several pathogenic bacteria, which will ensure they only infect these specified bacteria. Along the same lines, they will test the different phage for ability to eliminate pathogenic E. coli and Shigella, and determine whether or not they form resistance.


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