Generations of Architects Have Followed Smith’s Architectural Lead – Kenny Slaught

Hundred years ago, celebrated architect George Washington Smith, introduced the California movement known as the Spanish Colonial revival. Smith was a man who dropped out of Harvard to later work as a bond trader. After Smith became prosperous, he moved to Santa Barbara area to live a serene life and intended to concentrate on his painting hobbies. However, he was surprised when he noticed that everyone admired the house he had made driving him to keep making impressive architectural buildings for other people in California. He only used top quality materials from Spain and incorporated new and old world styles. Currently, Smith’s works are very sought after and are well regarded for their essential beauty and refined design. He is known as a founding father of Santa Barbara, as many generations of architects have been encouraged by his artistic technique. Kenny Slaught regards the great detail needed to design a structure of such artistic genius.

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